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The Incredible Years® evidence based parenting programs focus on strengthening parenting competencies and fostering parent involvement in children’s school experiences, to promote children’s academic, social  and emotional skills and reduce conduct problems. The parenting programs are grouped according to age: babies (0-12 months), toddlers (1-3 years), preschoolers (3-6 years), and school age (6-12 years).

The Incredible Years Parent | Workshop Overview

Basic Training Workshop

The first step to deliver Incredible Years parenting groups is to attend a 3-day training, which is delivered by two accredited mentors. This provides group leaders with the skills required to facilitate Incredible Years groups to parents.

This workshop is intended for professionals who are working with families of young children (including those with significant behavioural difficulties) and who wish to deliver The Incredible Years® parenting programme.

This 3-day Incredible Years® Training Workshop will provide:

  • an outline of programme content. Incredible Years® is designed to promote positive parent-child relationships and to assist parents in managing children’s behaviour difficulties. Programme content covered in this training workshop includes: play, praise, academic, social and emotional coaching, positive reinforcement, limit setting, natural and logical consequences, problem-solving and effective communication skills.
  • opportunities to develop the basic facilitation skills required for delivering the Incredible Years® Parenting programme. Training will explore the group therapy processes involved in this programme, including working collaboratively with parents, exploring and teaching parenting methods and effective ways to engage with and support parents who are struggling.

The Incredible Years® book – A Troubleshooting Guide for Parents of Children 2-8 Years - will be supplied as well as a workbook for the workshop.

Training will enable group leaders to deliver:

  • The Incredible Years® Toddler Programme (1 – 3 years)
  • The Incredible Years® Pre-School Programme (3 - 6 years)
  • Note: An additional Update Day is required to deliver the School Age Programme (specifically focused for the older age group, 9 - 12 years) and the Baby Programme (0 - 12 months). This three-day training is a prerequisite for attending all Update Days.

There is an expectation that those who attend this training will go on to work towards accreditation in the programme. Information regarding accreditation will be provided at the workshop.

Group leader manuals and resources are not provided at the 3-day training. Additional books and programme materials such as leader manuals, DVDs, parent handouts, etc. can be purchased directly from the Incredible Years® USA website.

More information is available on the Incredible Years USA website.

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Consultation Days

A consultation day provides group leaders with an opportunity for peer review of their group delivery. The training workshop is facilitated by a mentor and involves group leaders bringing a short recorded segment of their work for peer review.  

Attendance at a minimum of one consultation day is a requirement for accreditation. Whāraurau schedules consultation days regularly across the country.

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Peer Coaching

A small number of accredited group leaders are trained each year by Whāraurau to become peer coaches. This training provides a structured protocol for supporting and coaching group leaders in developing their delivery skills. 

More information is available on The Incredible Years® USA website.


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Fidelity Workshops

These workshops provide group leaders at all levels of experience with an opportunity to discuss issues and practice skills relating to programme delivery and fidelity. Adhering to fidelity when delivering the programme means that the group leader is using key collaborative skills, is covering the core programme content, and is being responsive to the needs of the group. This means there will be the greatest likelihood of positive outcomes for families/whānau.

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