YCA Guide, a resource for new YCAs

24 March 2021

"You are the expert of your own experiences.
They will give you the strength to do remarkable things."


The YCA team are excited to share a resource for new YCAs.

Youth Consumer Guide

This resource is available online now and you can request a hard copy.

Inside you will find:

I ahu mai i hea? What has been before?

  • A brief history of mental health in Aotearoa

Kei hea tātou ināianei? Where are we now?

  • Models that Guide Us
  • Making Sense of Mental Health
  • The Sector in 2020

Kia anga atu ki hea? Where to next?

  • What is a YCA
  • Self-Care
  • You may face some challenges

Haere ora atu, hoki ora mai. Go well, stay well

Click below to download the guide