Ann York

Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist and co-Founder of CAPA

Hello Everyone, my family are from the Midlands and I now live in the south, in London, England.

I am a child and adolescent psychiatrist by background, and have spent most of my clinical career working in a community children and young people’s mental health service in the NHS in London. My great friend and colleague, Steve Kingsbury, and I co-developed the Choice and Partnership Approach (CAPA) in the early 2000’s and it is now used around the world. You may have met me before, and met Steve!

I have widespread experience in policy development and service improvement in England and have held a range of senior leadership roles in the NHS. I am currently working with young people and parents to support further change, with a particular focus on crisis care and on wellbeing.

That is the professional bit- I am a mum to two grown up daughters. I love being physically active and in nature, especially muddy, wet weather! I enjoy writing poetry, doing short courses on physics and philosophy. My life is lived in a neurodiverse family- my eldest daughter has Asperger’s Syndrome, as did my father, leading to a life-time love of, and appreciation of, difference.

My mum once told me, on seeing me in a hat, ‘you look quirky!’. Make what you will of that. Look forward to working with you all!