Joanne Teina

Ngati Apakura, Ngati Maniapoto

Kaitiaki whānau who established Waananga Hapuutanga in Tamaki-Makaurau 31 years ago.

She continues to provide wananga for many providers, focusing on restoring the Mana of birthing to whanau.

Joanne has her own lived journey with perinatal mental health challenges as have her daughters, together they are raising awareness one whanau at a time.

Joanne believes restoring traditional knowledge and practices is key to reducing the negative statistics for Maaori in the Perinatal mental health space.

Joanne is also the Kaumatua for PADA created a Trauma informed perinatal mental health workshop Hine tu Hine Ora.

Her vision is simple  - Aotearoa being a place where Kaupapa Maaori approaches to Perinatal mental health are valued and all parents to have the resources to provide the best possible start for their pepi.

Her mission is to ensure that the inequities within maternity and Perinatal mental health services are eliminated.