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Nathan Chong-Nee

Clinical Supervisor, Clinical Manager and Certified Coach and Consultant

Obama Asia-Pacific Leader and Young Pacific Leaders Initiative Alum with more than 15 years experience leading change in the social development sector across Samoa and Aotearoa New Zealand. I offer clinical supervision, professional coaching and consultancy services.

In the recent past I have had opportunity to work closely with our Pacific indigenous leaders and cultural custodians particularly in Samoa. This has allowed me the space to shape youth inspired projects that sought to reconnect our young people with our environment, our ancestry and taking pride in who we are; inspiring confidence to claim our local, regional and international voices.

My career is tightly interwoven with my own layers of Pacific-centered identity. My roots are far reaching with my ancestors being of Te Rarawa (Aоtearoa), Samoa, China, Sweden, England and Ireland. I am passionate to ensure that our conversations and solutions remain inclusive of all of us in the Pacific, including those of us with broad reaching stories of connection and migration. 

I am interested to continue connecting with innovators, entrepreneurs, creatives and academics with aligned interests to discuss areas of shared learning, opportunity or collaboration.


RSW  l  MANZASW  l  DAPAANZ  l  ANZCAL  I  NLP  l  Young Pacific Leaders Alum & Mentor  l  Obama Asia Pacific Leaders Alum


Profile updated 20 February 2023