Integrated Programmes

Whāraurau is committed to supporting the infant, children and youth mental health and AOD workforces across sectors to deliver quality practice aimed at enhancing the wellbeing of infants, children, young people and their families/whānau.

Whāraurau facilitates and delivers integrated programmes to the workforce to respond to Mental Health, Addiction and physical health issues. 

These programmes aim to ensure that young people get the advice and support they need regardless of which door they open.

Co-existing problems are an increasing issue for young people and often are not identified. This leads to poor outcomes for the young person which can have long-term impacts for their future and wellbeing. Mental health and addiction issues are significantly high for young people and access rates for treatment is low.

The Opt for Wellbeing section of our website provides resources for professionals wanting to access treatment worksheets or templates or educational material that they can use within their work on the following topics:

  • Screening and Assessment Tools: providing quick and easy brief screening tool intervention, manual, video guide, and best practice guidance.
  • Addiction Treatment Resources: evidence-based worksheets; harm reduction tips
  • Mental Health Treatment Resources: Intervention, suicide prevention, screening tools

We offer eLearning modules on Co-existing problems to upskill health professionals working with young people to feel more confident in identifying and providing treatment for those issues associated with CEP.

View our Opt for Wellbeing - Co-Existing Problems and Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD) pages

A multi-agency initiative established in March 2018 in Canterbury, collaboratively developed by health, education, police, non-government organisations and consumers.

Three key elements:

  • 80 additional roles (FTE) made available in schools;
  • Changing the way we work: improving and supporting collaboration and enhancing existing resources in schools;
  • A web-based tool: 'Leading Lights' co-designed to support consistent navigation through the pathway of support for a child or young person.


To promote wellbeing and positive mental health for students in years 1-8-Focuses on early-intervention (early in the life of the problem).  

Whāraurau have a small contract to participate in the governance of this initiative, in addition to advising the project team and delivering professional development to the 80 Kaimahi.  The focus on equity of access has a significant part of the delivery of the project.  Māori and Pasifika are present at every level of the implementation process.  A Kaupapa Māori and Pasifika organisation are two of the Providers.  Data on access for Māori and Pasifika is a key focus of the evaluation.

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