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Incredible Years guidance for group leaders, under the COVID-19 protection framework, March 2022

MOE's response to COVID-19

As we continue to respond to COVID-19, the Ministry of Education, the Incredible Years programme developer, Dr.Webster-Stratton, and New Zealand Incredible Years mentors have worked together to develop the following guidance for group leaders to support ongoing implementation under the COVID-19 Protection Framework.

Incredible Years guidance

Incredible Years

Video Resources

Incredible Years® in Aotearoa: Perspectives from caregivers and teachers of children on the autism spectrum

Watch: Long version, IYA, Complete 5.8.21.mp4 from Ministry of Education on Vimeo.

Printed & Downloadable Resources


IYP-Autism poster - view/download (.pdf)


IYP-Autism poster

IYT-Autism poster - view/download (.pdf)

IYT-Autism poster


IYP-Autism brochure - view/download (.pdf)


IYP-Autism brochure

IYT-A brochure - view/download (.pdf)

IYT-Autism brochure