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Original resources from the developer, all in one place

We thought it might be useful to have an easily accessible list of resources that have been downloaded from the Incredible Years Inc. website.



Collaborative process checklist - IYP

Collaborative process checklist - IYT

Collaborative process checklist - IYP-A

Collaborative process checklist - IYT-A

Collaborative process checklist - IB


Tips & Hot Tips

Ten Hot tips for mediating vignettes - IYP and IYT

Hot tips for group leaders doing successful IYP groups - IYP

Hot tips for group leaders doing successful IYT groups - IYT

Hot tips for how to use IY spotlight poster - IY-A

Hot tips for leading the barriers and benefits exercise - All programmes

Hot tips for successfully mediating video vignettes - IYT

Hot tips for tailoring role play practices to children's developmental level - IY-A

Hot tips for teaching about the ABCs of child learning - IY-A

Hot tips for using the How I am Incredible template - IY-A

Hot tips for using visual pictures to enhance children's understanding of verbal language - IY-A

Hot tips on communication translation - IY-A

How IYT is trauma-informed and promotes students' resilience and recovery - IYT

Role plays or practices in IYP and IYT groups - All programmes

Tips for effectively using behaviour plans - IYT, IYT-A, & IB

Tips for using puppets to promote preschool children's social and emotional development - All programmes

Tips for preparing for your accreditation video review live via Zoom - All programmes

Tips for preparing your video for review - IYT

Preparation Tips for Consultation Days - IYT


Peer and self-evaluation forms

Peer and self-evaluation form for group leaders - IB

Peer and self-evaluation form for group leaders - IYT



How I am Incredible - IYT



IYP pyramid

IYT pyramid

IYT pyramid - for use in session 7 to revisit principles and strategies (.doc)

Autism pyramids


Evaluation forms

IYP weekly parent evaluation form (.doc)

IYP-A weekly parent evaluation form (.doc)

Resources developed by Whāraurau and MOE

New and/or updated resources

Collaborative process checklist (no content changed, just updated to 2023) - IYT

IYT programme handouts (All 6 Workshops, Revised 2022) - IYT

IYT group leader’s manual: Decreasing Inappropriate Behaviour, Part 2 (Revised 2022) - IYT



Here is a list of resources that have been developed by Whāraurau in collaboration with mentors, peer coaches, group leaders, Ministry of Education, and the programme developer.


NEW! 2024 Ngā Tau Mīharo / Incredible Years Practice guidelines for group leaders and managers


Ngā Tau Mīharo New Resources

Watch Ngā Tau Mīharo video on Vimeo

Watch Ngā Tau Mīharo waiata on Vimeo

Listen to Ngā Tau Mīharo waiata audio

Waiata lyrics - available soon

Printed resources - available soon



Guidelines for calm down time for group leaders - IYP

Guidelines for IYT group leaders - physical redirect - IYT


MOE Posters

IYP-Autism poster - view/download (.pdf)

IYT-Autism poster - view/download (.pdf)


MOE Brochures

IYP-Autism brochure - view/download (.pdf)

IYT-Autism brochure - view/download (.pdf)


Video Resources

Carolyn Webster-Stratton's presentation at the IY Forum 2023

Watch video on Vimeo

Incredible Years | Aotearoa Manu Puppets | Kia ora!!

We are thrilled to share this video of the new manu puppets recently introduced by MOE to IY programme delivery. Here you can watch a video of Lisa Herewini (IYP mentor) introduce each of the puppets and their unique personalities.

Watch video on Vimeo

Incredible Years® in Aotearoa: Perspectives from caregivers and teachers of children on the autism spectrum

Watch video on Vimeo