National Training Day - Neurodiversity Webinar - Dr Cari Dawn McIlduff

Dr Cari Dawn McIlduff - Assistant Professor in Community Health and Epidemiology

Dr. Cari McIlduff obtained a bachelor’s degree in psychology in Canada, with the support of the Terry Fox Humanitarian Award, and has worked in early childhood intervention in a rural School Division in Canada.

She completed her PhD in Australia exploring best practice methods and cultural safety in working with Indigenous Peoples. Cari has authored a parenting module for families who have or are experiencing trauma and/or toxic stress within the Positive Parenting Program.

She co-developed, evaluated and authored the Model of Engaging Communities Collaboratively with Indigenous communities across five countries; a model of culturally safe methodology for community capacity building and social change that was piloted across 42 communities in the Kimberley region of north Western Australia.

She is dedicated to working with Indigenous communities globally to support, promote and hold space for self-determination, community-led social change and research agendas for what is required in each unique Indigenous community.

Cari’s research interests are in mental health, epigenetics, effects of colonization that continues to oppress Indigenous Peoples globally, effects of racism, social change/justice, and child and family wellbeing.