VOYCE-Whakarongo mai - Kia Tika, Kia Pono (consultation and co-design with care experienced young people)

Mary-Lynn Huxford and Tupua Urlich

‘Kia Tika, Kia Pono: A consultation and co-design opportunity’ invites practitioners, service providers, and organisations to engage in meaningful dialogue and collaborative design processes with care-experienced young people. It promotes principles of equity, transparency and fostering just and ethical practices. 

Together we will explore:  

  • The importance of co-design with care-experienced young people 
  • Understanding care-experienced perspectives  
  • Gaining insights into the lives of care-experienced youth sharing personal stories 
  • The power of listening 
  • Co-design in practice  
  • Best practices for collaborative design processes 
  • Successful co-design initiatives and practical applications 

VOYCE–Whakarongo Mai, founded in 2017, is a distinct charitable organisation dedicated to advocating for the rights of tamariki and rangatahi who have experienced the care system in Aotearoa. It was formed through collaboration, with input from those with care experience. VOYCE's mission is to amplify the voices of young people with care-experience, working to bring about positive changes for individuals and transform the broader care system. 

Part one: Advocacy for tamariki and rangatahi in care - click here to view the event page and resources / recording

Part two: Kia Tika, Kia Pono (consultation and co-design with care experienced young people) - click here to view the event page and resources