Harakeke has been chosen to represent the SPHC project because harakeke represents whānau. The rito | shoot represents the child, the awhi rito | shoots that embrace the rito, represent the parents, and the outer leaves represent the tūpuna | ancestors.

Annual SPHC Competition

In support of Mental Health Awareness Week 2022, The National Supporting Parents Healthy Children Cross-Workforce Project group ran a competition in October for our Whānau and Health Workforce.

Chosen entries went into a draw to win prizes, our theme for the competition this year, in keeping with that of Mental Health Awareness Week, was: 

"Reconnect - with the people and places that lift you up, hei pikinga waiora"

Workforce competition:

The winning entry of the workforce competition can be viewed by clicking on the video.



SPHC Animation

This Supporting Parents Healthy Children Animation was created by the Supporting Parents Healthy Children Cross Workforce National Project Group. It is one example of whānau-led practice in the context of the Supporting Parents Healthy Children Guideline.

We have also created an SPHC poster. Download a copy of the SPHC poster for your workspaces and waiting rooms here

sphc mum son

SPHC Resources

These webpages contain a range of information and resources to support health workforce managers and clinicians to implement the SPHC Guideline and support young people and their whānau | families.

sphc circle 2022

sphc circle 2022

sphc circle 2022

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