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While many children who have a parent with mental health and/or addiction issues do well, a proportion are vulnerable to a range of poor outcomes, including increased risk of developing wellbeing issues.

This initiative aims to increase the capability of health professionals to identify and attend to the needs of these children and their family/whānau. This may include the development of resources for the sector(s), identification of the pathways for support, and a strategic plan regarding the implementation of best-practice COPMIA initiatives. It builds on Ministry of Health scoping (Williment, MOH 2012).

This Project is led by Whāraurau in collaboration with the other workforce centres: Te Pou, Matua Raki, Abacus and Te Rau Ora.




In the video Dr John Crawshaw Director of Mental Health at the MoH talks about the importance of taking a family/whānau focussed approach when working in mental health and addictions services.