Foundations in ICAMH

Foundations in Infant Child and Adolescent Mental Health (ICAMH) - An overview

Foundations in ICAMH | Te Hauora Hinengaro o ngā Kōhungahunga, ngā Tamariki me ngā Taiohi is a training course providing foundation learning on infant, child, youth mental health and how to work with their whānau.

The eLearning component is an online education course for ICAMH, NGO and Primary workforces and comprises four modules.

The course is designed to enhance the skills and knowledge of the ICAMH, NGO and Primary workforce.

There are two components to the Foundations in ICAMHS | Te Hauora Hinengaro Training:

  • eLearning: 4 modules
  • Face-to-face training package

The online course provides an overview of the theoretical concepts of infant, child and young people’s social, cognitive and emotional development including attachment. It also provides an overview of the factors impacting on development, outlining common infant, child and youth mental health concerns. It provides practical tips for working with infants, children and young people and whānau.

The course is suitable for the ICAMHS, NGO and primary care workforce (particularly new clinicians or those new to working with infants, children and young people). Completing the course will support participants to develop the knowledge and skills that align with the Real Skills Plus ICAMH/AOD competency framework.

The course is aimed at workers in primary level, NGO and ICAMH services to develop the skills and knowledge on infant, child and young person mental health and AOD concerns.

The course is part of the series: Foundations in Infant, Child, Youth and Whānau Mental Health | Te Hauora Hinengaro o ngā Kōhungahunga, ngā Tamariki me ngā Taiohi  and is an introduction for health professionals who want to improve their knowledge and skills in working with infants, children and adolescents with, or at risk of having mental health, alcohol or drug issues.

They are designed to assist workers in meeting the primary and core levels of the Real Skills Plus ICAMH/AOD Competency Framework and can be used to complement orientation training and ongoing professional development.

There are four courses in the series:

  • Foundations in ICAMH 1: Core Concepts / Pēpi | Infant Mental Health 
  • Foundations in ICAMH 2: Tamariki | Child Mental Health  
  • Foundations in ICAMH 3: Taiohi | Youth Mental Health
  • Foundations in ICAMH 4: Supporting the Wellbeing of Infants, Children, Young People and Whānau

Each course is complete on its own. You may view each course individually and complete all or selected courses.
You can complete the module from start to finish or return to it by section. Some sections include links to videos, please click on these links as they provide valuable information.


Following each course you will find a short quiz designed to help consolidate your learning.

After completion, hit the 'Submit' button to get your certificate for two hours of CME.


Our eLearning courses are government-funded and free to access.

They are located on the Goodfellow Unit Website.

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Resources will be updated regularly and available to Foundations in ICAMH | Te Hauora Hinengaro Trainers.

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