ICAMH Trainers

ICAMH Trainers

Foundations in ICAMH: Infant, Child, Youth and Whānau Mental Health | Te Hauora Hinengaro o ngā Kōhungahunga, ngā Tamariki me ngā Taiohi is a training course providing foundation learning on infant, child, youth mental health and how to work with their whānau. It is designed to enhance the skills and knowledge of the ICAMH, NGO and Primary workforce. There are two components to the Foundations in ICAMHS | Te Hauora Hinengaro Training:

ICAMH Trainers

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A training package is available is to assist the implementation of Foundations in Infant, Child, Youth and Whānau Mental Health and AOD training into the ICAMH, NGO and Primary Sector. 

It has been developed to be used in conjunction with the Foundations in Infant, Child and Youth Mental Health eLearning modules as a blended approach to learning.

The Training Package is intended to be used by services to develop the skills and knowledge of their staff on infant, child and youth mental health and AOD concerns. It is designed to assist clinicians in meeting the primary and core levels of the Real Skills Plus Competency Framework

Training ideally will be delivered by someone with clinical experience, skills and knowledge in the areas covered, i.e. infant, child and youth mental health and AOD concerns. It is expected that trainers will tailor the workshops and activities to meet the learning needs of the participants. We recommend that following the training, participants are encouraged to look further at the e-Learning and complete the quiz to obtain a certificate.

Werry Workforce Whāraurau  has developed a ‘train the trainers’ model, and is asking teams and services to identify and support dedicated trainers who have the skills and knowledge to offer the training regularly to internal staff, and also to external agencies by agreement.
Werry Workforce Whāraurau will support trainers in developing and delivering the training.

Training Delivery Record and Evaluations

The Ministry of Health requires reporting of statistics from any training delivered from the 'Foundations in ICAMH | Te Hauora Hinengaro' modules.


  1. Please fill in the table in the ICAMH Trainer Record of Training Delivery Form
  2. Scan the completed Evaluation Forms from trainees
  3. Email the Training Delivery Form and Eval forms to: [email protected]

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