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The Incredible Years® parent programme is delivered to parents by two trained Group Leaders in weekly group sessions. Group Leaders should have some experience and qualification in working with families and children prior to delivering this programme. Group Leaders work together in group sessions to share and explore the programme content with parents using a collaborative model. This model involves developing a set of complex skills including taking a strength-based approach, celebrating parents’ expertise and ‘walking alongside’ families to explore both challenges and successes in their parenting role. This process enables families to consider new ways of enhancing their relationship with their children, build a more positive family atmosphere, reduce their children’s negative behaviours and increase their positive behaviours. 

Group Leaders plan sessions together and debrief after sessions to ensure they are continually reflecting on the effectiveness of their approach with the families they are working with.

We provide a range of workshops and skill development opportunities to enable Group Leaders to learn these complex facilitation skills and deliver the programme in a way which is consistent with programme fidelity. 

If you'd like to send an accreditation video to IY Seattle, you could either post video to their physical address:

Incredible Years, Inc.
1411 8th Ave. W., Seattle, WA  98119

- or, upload the video to a file-sharing site like Dropbox, WeTransfer, or Google Drive, and share the video files with Lisa Wallace-Gloria ([email protected]).  When you send your video, please plan to include the application form, the Collaborative Process Checklist from the session, and any notes for the reviewer that will help "set the scene." 

More information and forms for download may be found on the IY website at:

Accreditation Process for Group Leaders

Incredible Years Parent (IYP) group leaders deliver IYP programmes throughout New Zealand. IY-trained group leaders have attended all three days of the IYP Basic Group Leader Training Workshop.

Group leaders are expected to develop their skills in group facilitation following training and ultimately, to become accredited. View the process here.


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