Incredible Years Parent | Post-training Support

Managers of organisations involved in the delivery of Incredible Years provide a critical support role in ensuring the best outcomes are achieved from this programme. Group Leaders need ongoing support and advocacy. This will range from provision of appropriate resources to ensuring they are released to attend follow up workshops on skill development. The following information outlines organisational and group leader requirements for effective delivery of this programme.

Guidelines for Managers

In order to achieve best outcomes, Group Leaders are encouraged and supported to attain a level of competence in programme fidelity and become ‘accredited.’ The accreditation process requires a commitment by organisations to support Group Leaders in reflective practice. The process of upskilling in Incredible Years delivery can have a positive impact on the wider organisation, such as developing confidence and skills in team members to support others in working collaboratively with families, and in using an evidence-based approach. To understand more about what’s required of your organisation, refer to ‘Agency Readiness’.

Addressing possible barriers to achieving best outcomes


Ensure that each programme has two Group Leaders who dedicate the recommended time to group delivery, preparation, debrief, ongoing training and Peer Coaching.

Ensure that Group Leaders are resourced with essential components such as a venue, toys, a TV and DVD player, a camera and kai for the group. 


Ensure that appropriate administrative support is allocated to the programme including typing up notes, photocopying, management of monetary fund to overcome barriers for parents and suitable equipment to record sessions.

Group Leader factors:

The following attributes and skills are required to ensure high quality group delivery -

Ability and willingness to commit the time and effort required (minimum of one year group delivery)
Ability and willingness to undertake self-reflective study as part of ongoing skill development
Training and skill level sufficient for the development of required competencies (e.g. demonstrated ability to undertake tertiary study)
Background/experience in child development and supporting families
Comfortable with a collaborative, non-expert, intervention model
Understanding and skill in providing the programme in a culturally responsive manner
Werry Workforce Whāraurau is a point of contact for all Group Leaders and their employing agencies, providing advice and training opportunities free of charge to the Incredible Years workforce.  For more information email [email protected] or phone 09 923 4360.