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Stages of progression along IY pathway

Stages of progression along IY pathwayStages of progression along IY pathway

What to expect in a peer coaching session?

From the peer coach:

We will take some time to introduce ourselves and connect, and set up some guidelines and then start into the peer coaching process that you will both be familiar with of sharing your recorded section of your session. It is really helpful if you have this cued up on your desktop ready to play at the right section, and if you have viewed it yourselves and thought about what you liked about your work and what your goal is for improving your skills. We are all learning together, so please know that I will value and care for all your work, even the tricky bits!

Another helpful thing to have ready if you can is any paperwork relevant to your course such as evaluations, attendance, leader checklists, collaborative process checklists and any peer/self evaluations. That way we can look together at any positives or issues or concerns from these.

I have attached the editable peer coaching gem sheet that you can type or write into as you go as this will form your record of the session. i have also attached the Word document of the coaching evaluation sheet so you can do this and email it back at the end of the session.