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IY workforce support de-mysitified

Confused about Consultations?

Feeling mystified by Fidelity Days?

Wondering what is a Connect session?


The Whāraurau Parent and Teacher Team have received feedback that some Incredible Years workforce support events may be confusing, especially for those new to the programme. The following provides a basic guide to get you started. Feel free to contact us for any questions you may have.


Consultation Days

A consultation day provides group leaders with an opportunity for peer review of their group delivery. The workshop is facilitated by a mentor and involves group leaders bringing a short recorded segment of their work for peer review.  

Attendance at a minimum of one consultation day is a requirement for accreditation. Whāraurau schedules consultation days regularly across the country.


Fidelity Workshops

These workshops provide group leaders at all levels of experience with an opportunity to discuss issues and practise skills relating to programme delivery and fidelity. Adhering to fidelity when delivering the programme means that the group leader is using key collaborative skills, is covering the core programme content, and is being responsive to the needs of the group. This means there will be the greatest likelihood of positive outcomes for families/whānau.


Connect Sessions

Group leaders bring agenda items to an informal, small, online group meeting which is facilitated by a NZ mentor or peer coach. Topics are discussed, ideas shared, and connections are built in a relaxed, yet informative and supportive session. 


Guide on calm down time

The IY Parent Mentors and Whāraurau are pleased to provide the ‘Incredible Years® Parent Group Leaders Guide on Calm Down Time’.

This document has been put together by the New Zealand IYP mentors in collaboration with Carolyn Webster Stratton and in consultation with the Ministry of Education. It is a guide to support group leaders deliver this topic with fidelity and to maximise results for whanau when delivering Incredible Years® Parent.

There will be a presentation on the guidelines at the upcoming forum in February 2023 and further events post the forum to ensure there are sufficient opportunities to engage with and understand the guidelines as they relate to your practice. 

Download the guidelines >

Stages of progression along IY pathway

Stages of progression along IY pathwayStages of progression along IY pathway



What to expect in a peer coaching session?

From the peer coach:

We will take some time to introduce ourselves and connect, and set up some guidelines and then start into the peer coaching process that you will both be familiar with of sharing your recorded section of your session. It is really helpful if you have this cued up on your desktop ready to play at the right section, and if you have viewed it yourselves and thought about what you liked about your work and what your goal is for improving your skills. We are all learning together, so please know that I will value and care for all your work, even the tricky bits!

Another helpful thing to have ready if you can is any paperwork relevant to your course such as evaluations, attendance, leader checklists, collaborative process checklists and any peer/self evaluations. That way we can look together at any positives or issues or concerns from these.

I have attached the editable peer coaching gem sheet that you can type or write into as you go as this will form your record of the session. i have also attached the Word document of the coaching evaluation sheet so you can do this and email it back at the end of the session.