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Incredible Years Event Descriptions | September 2023


Confused about Consultations?

Feeling mystified by Fidelity Days?

Wondering what is a Connect session?


The Whāraurau Parent and Teacher Team have received feedback that some Incredible Years workforce support events may be confusing, especially for those new to the programme. The following provides a basic guide to get you started. Feel free to contact us for any questions you may have.

Consultation Days

A consultation day provides group leaders with an opportunity for peer review of their group delivery. The workshop is facilitated by a mentor and involves group leaders bringing a short recorded segment of their work for peer review.  

Attendance at a minimum of one consultation day is a requirement for accreditation. Whāraurau schedules consultation days regularly across the country.

Fidelity Workshops

These workshops provide group leaders at all levels of experience with an opportunity to discuss issues and practise skills relating to programme delivery and fidelity. Adhering to fidelity when delivering the programme means that the group leader is using key collaborative skills, is covering the core programme content, and is being responsive to the needs of the group. This means there will be the greatest likelihood of positive outcomes for families/whānau.

Connect Sessions

Group leaders bring agenda items to an informal, small, online group meeting which is facilitated by a NZ mentor or peer coach. Topics are discussed, ideas shared, and connections are built in a relaxed, yet informative and supportive session. 


Incredible Years Aotearoa Peer Coaches by region | April 2023

If you would like to arrange peer coaching, please feel free to contact one of the peer coaches listed below through your regional PB4L Advisor. If you dont know who your regional PB4L Advisor is; or their contact details, please email us.

Jennifer Browne IYP Di Thomas    IYP
Joleen Millward IYP Elaine Nicholls    IYP
Julia Langford IYP Michelle Wood    IYP
Tania Anstiss IYP IYP-A Adrienne Ansley    IYT
Tiama Solomona IYP IYT Cary Hartley    IYT
Amanda Bell IYT Emma Henderson    IYT
Cynthia Bourne IYT Anna Dickson    IYT / IYT-A
Kavita Baluja IYT Kim Thomson  IYT / IYT-A
Mandy Bullard IYT  WAIARIKI 
Marie Lawrence IYT Eva Corson  IYP
Neena Chawla IYT  Marjorie Douglas   IYP
Susie Ikihele IYT Dianne Lees     IYP / IYP-A
Violet Highley IYT  Erna Cullen     IYT
Wendy Florence IYT Lisa Herewini  IYP
CANTERBURY   Ruth Palliser    IYP / IYT
Anna Mowat    IYP    
Liz Munro    IYP WAIKATO
Michelle Ramsay    IYP Rae Blewman    IYP
Erin Sturman    IYP / IYT Jan Kerr    IYP / IYT
Lee Taylor-Burt    IYP / IYT / IYT-A Linda Terry    IYP / IYT
Sheila Russell    IYP / IYT / IYT-A Sandra Pickering    IYT
Lisa Christensen    IYT Lisa Herewini    IYP
Lyn Grigor    IYT Ruth Palliser    IYP IYT
Tanya Amos IYT BJ (Billi-Jean) Smythe IYT
HAWKES BAY Andrea Duthie IYT
Suzanne Blair    IYT WELLINGTON
Jens Andersen    IYT / IYP Diana Linforth-Howden IYP
Michele Jones    IYT IYP Lucy Gregory IYP / IYP-A
Phillipa Adams    IYP Janet Dixon IYT
Brenda Holdaway IYT Kath Cooper IYT
Fiona Young    IYT Helen Deadman IYT
Eileen Turner IYP OTAGO
Cassie Munson  IYP Ray Hubac IYP
 Melanie Martin IYT Jo Williamson IYT


Incredible Years Aotearoa Native Bird Puppets - Introductory Video | March 2023

Akari Miyamoto and the Ministry of Education collaborated with talented sewer, Erin Devlin, from The Kiwi Puppet Company, in order to equip New Zealand group leaders with these full of character New Zealand puppet resources. We are excited to be able to release a fun and informative introductory video to the puppets by Lisa Herewini (IY Parent Mentor). Get to know the colourful characters and how they can be used in group delivery: Kiwi, Tūī, Kererū, Ruru, Takahē , Kea, and Pūkeko.

If your team hasn't picked up your pack yet, head along to an in-person fidelity or consultation day. Find your nearest one here. Whāraurau aims to ensure one set per team. Contact us if you have any queries or feedback.


Incredible Years continues to thrive - New Announcement from Carolyn Webster-Stratton | 12 August 2022

I am pleased to be emailing you with news that The Incredible Years Inc., has been acquired by Empower Community Care (Empower), the parent company of other leading companies working to bring evidence-based practices into the mainstream of services for communities, children and families. I will continue my role as Founder and IY Program and Clinical Developer, focusing primarily on updating programs and training new trainers, mentors and coaches, assuring fidelity program delivery and consulting with researchers in regard to IY program evaluations and giving presentations. I will report to Keller Strother at Empower going forward but Incredible Years will continue to operate independently as one of the evidence-based programs under the umbrella of Empower.

My first randomized control group trial study of the videotape modeling parent program was published in 1980.  Subsequently, I completed 14 randomized RCTs with my research team at the University of Washington over a 30 year span. Then along with the support and collaboration with international  researchers and clinical teams, together, we have established Incredible Years Inc. as a leader in the development and implementation of evidence-based practices for parents, teachers and children. Incredible Years has become known for innovative work in its training methods and processes for parent and teacher training in order to promote children’s social, emotional, language and school readiness skills and for reducing behavior problems.  My continued goal is for Incredible Years Inc. to reach a wider audience with our evidence-based programs, in particular, with more vulnerable populations.

Empower Community Care (Empower), is the parent company of other leading organizations working to bring evidence-based practices into the mainstream of services for communities, children and families. The other organizations operating independently under the Empower umbrella are the Carey Group, Carey Publishing, Functional Family Therapy (FFT), Multisystemic Therapy® (MST®) and Orbis Partners. I believe that joining forces with Empower is a natural fit with our shared values, our focus on quality and outcomes, and the strong commitment to reach vulnerable populations with the best possible resources.  
While Incredible Years and the other Empower organizations under its umbrella will continue to operate independently, we intend to build on the strong reputations established by each organization and to join forces to strengthen the underlying missions of Incredible Years Inc. and Empower.  
Our staff and collaborators will remain with Incredible Years Inc. and are dedicated to continuing the work we do with your organizations. We are also terribly excited to announce that Kimberlee Shoecraft, who many of you in the IY community know well, will be joining Incredible Years as our Clinical Director in October. We also plan to add more staff as we move forward.  

Thank you for your confidence and sustained commitment to delivering Incredible Years programs with fidelity over the years and for your efforts to build your own supportive infrastructure for IY group leaders within your organizations. I am excited about the opportunity that joining with Empower offers for expanding the reach of IY programs, to support you more fully and for the sustainability of IY into the future.


MOE's response to COVID-19 | March 2022

As we continue to respond to COVID-19, the Ministry of Education, the Incredible Years programme developer, Dr.Webster-Stratton, and New Zealand Incredible Years mentors have worked together to develop the following guidance for group leaders to support ongoing implementation under the COVID-19 Protection Framework.

Incredible Years guidance

Incredible Years


Guidance for Incredible Years Teacher group leaders when showing vignettes that contain physical redirect | April 2021

This guidance is to help IYT group leaders to understand the changes to the Education and Training Act and inform delivery steps when showing vignettes that contain physical redirect.

Under the Education and Training Act 2020, physical restraint may only be used by teachers and authorised staff members when it is necessary to prevent imminent harm to the student or another person. Detailed information can be found in this guidance. An advisory group is working to develop new roles and guidelines on physical restraint to align with the changes introduced in the Education and Training Act 2020. Until the new rules and guidance are issued, schools should continue to follow the procedures set out in the existing rules, which can be found in the appendix in the IY guidance below. This guidance will be updated once new rules and guidance are issued.

Download the guidelines here

If you have any questions about this guidance, please contact [email protected]


Cover - Incredible Years Guidance - Physical Redirect April 2021


Useful links

Need help finding a peer coach, or finding a dyad to peer coach? Contact us

Would you like to practise your Zoom or Teams skills? Contact us

Queries? Where to go for what?

Resources for Teacher Group Leaders

These include:

  • Teacher Classroom Management Programme Resources
  • Incredible Beginnings Programme Resources
  • Helping Pre-school Children with Autism Programme Resources
  • Hot Tips for Teacher Group Leaders
  • Forms & Extras for Teacher Group Leaders

Resources for Group Leaders Working Remotely

Some of these resources were developed for the parent programme, but can also be used for the teacher programme. These include:

  • Resources for families during COVID
  • Resources and videos for teachers working remotely with pre-schoolers
  • Implementing online tele-sessions the Incredible Years way
  • Editable handouts and evaluations for group leaders offering teacher programme remotely
  • Teacher programme editable buzz forms, record sheets, and behaviour plans
  • Teacher autism programme editable forms and record sheets

Certification/Accreditation for Teacher Classroom Management Programme

“A Certified Group Leader is someone who has been certified/accredited after demonstrating competency in facilitating groups using the IY standard materials, methods, processes and protocols.”

These resources include:

  • Teacher Classroom Management Accreditation Portfolio
  • Accreditation fee
  • Full description of the TCM accreditation process
  • Hot Tips for teacher group leaders
  • Teacher Classroom Coach accreditation