Top 5 Take Home Tips from Parents

Top 5 Take Home Tips from Parents

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Ask us about our families and whānau

  • Ask if we have kids, in a genuine, conversational way. Remember to ask men about their families too.

Share knowledge of positive activities and supports out there

  • Link us in with services and supports for parents in our local community.

Support us to talk with our children about what’s going on

  • Help us find the language and resources to explain to our children what we’re going through in a way that feels right for us, and will provide the information our kids need.

Help us look after the practicalities

  • If we’re admitted to hospital, residential treatment or respite, find out where our kids are and if they’re okay.

Make it safe for us to talk about our children

  • Understand that we’re likely to be feeling guilty for not being perfect parents. Understand our anxiety about losing care of our kids; let us know that you’re there to support us and will be up front about any concerns.

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