Top Five Take-Home Tips from Young People

Top Five Take-Home Tips from Young People

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Provide information so we know we’re not alone

  • Help us find information and link us with other kids whose families have similar lives so we don’t feel alone.

Reassure us that it’s not our fault when things are difficult

  • It’s easy for us to feel like family challenges are our fault. Reassure us and don’t assume that we know it isn’t our fault when things are hard.

Don’t assume that abuse or neglect is happening; don’t assume it isn’t

  • Give us a space to talk confidentially about any worries. If our parents aren’t treating us well, talk to them about this: let them know it’s not okay; don’t condone it.

Focus on our families’ strengths

  • No family is perfect. Acknowledge the positives and give us hope.

Keep our families together

  • Support us to visit parents in hospital or residential treatment. Link us in with support that will help Mum or Dad with parenting so we can stay in their care.

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