Engaging with Taiohi

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The following pages provide resources on key ways to engage with taiohi.

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The way services are delivered impacts on engagement.

Although primary and specialist services may be set up differently, all services can easily put in place common practices to help young people to engage.

It is worth reflecting on whether your service addresses the features highlighted below:

Strategies that enhance engagement

  • Create a youth-friendly environment.
  • Involve family.
  • Adapt your approach depending on the young person’s stage of development.
  • Value well-being / hauora.
  • Encourage peer support to engage.
  • Remove barriers, offer flexible appointment time, consider transportation issues, cost of attending appointments.
  • Adapt for cultural needs.
  • Provide easy access, offer home visits or meeting somewhere youth friendly.
  • Be consistent.
  • Use a motivational approach.
  • Follow up assertively, call if a young person does attend.

View our youth leadership page for more information on how to make your services youth-focused. 

Video Resources

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