Quality Data & Outcomes

Whāraurau is committed to supporting the infant, children and youth mental health and AOD workforces across sectors to deliver quality practice aimed at enhancing the wellbeing of infants, children, young people and their families/whānau.

These initiatives aim to ensure that the quality of service delivery across sectors to infants, children and young people with wellbeing concerns, and their whānau, is consistent, and continues to be improved, regardless of where they live.

Initiatives include:

Real Skills Plus ICAMH/AOD Framework

Real Skills Plus ICAMHS/AOD is a competency framework that describes the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that a practitioner needs in order to work with infants, children, and young people that have moderate to severe mental health and/or alcohol or other drug (AOD) difficulties, their whānau and their community.

This online tool is suitable for all practitioners that work with infant children, young people, and whānau. It identifies the skills and knowledge required to effectively work with infant children, young people, and whānau. Completing the online survey allows workers and services to identify strengths and areas for ongoing service and professional development.


Choice and Partnership Approach (CAPA)

The Choice and Partnership Approach is a service improvement model that aims to support infant, child and youth mental health services to effectively manage and meet the needs of our young people.

This project focuses on training, implementation support, and helping services to monitor the impact of the Choice and Partnership Approach through data collection.



Quality Improvement Tools in Healthcare (QI)

These resources have been developed to assist you with understanding quality improvement principles, techniques, skills and tools for effective service design within mental health and AOD services in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Here you will find a range of Quality Improvement tools, templates, links to helpful videos, and other resources to help you and your service identify and learn from your service challenges, recognise inefficiencies, and find ways to improve systems and processes by doing the right thing, with the right people, at the right time.




The Stocktake for Infant Child & Adolescent Mental Health & Alcohol and Other Drug Services

Whāraurau has been producing a biennial Stocktake since 2004 which includes workforce data from all Te Whatu Ora and Te Whatu Ora-funded NGOs services for infants, children, and youth with mental health and alcohol and drug problems. This information can be used for workforce forecasting and service planning.

Latest Stocktake (2020):