De-escalation with Dr Chris Taua

Start Date
Tue, 3 October 2023 - 9:00 am
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  • Are you looking for effective ways of managing difficult or risky situations?  

  • Do you want to build your skills around de-escalation?  


During this interactive, scenario-based online workshop on 03 October, you will focus on yourself and your response to challenging behaviours. You will then explore effective ways of managing difficult and / or risk situations, with the aim of building your verbal de-escalation skills. 


During the workshop you will:  

  • identify behaviours that ‘push our buttons’  
  • identify strategies for self-control in the face of aggressive and/or distressed behaviour  
  • identify why young people become angry or defensive, and recognise the early warning signs  
  • discuss how trauma impacts and influences behaviour  
  • describe a range of assertive techniques to help people regain control  
  • discuss the importance of debriefing following challenging situations. 


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Laura Biddlecombe [email protected]


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Dr Chris Taua

Chris is a registered nurse by profession with a background in mental health. She has over 25 years experience in health/disability sectors.

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