Formulation with Marthinus Bekker

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Wed, 28 September 2022 - 9:00 am
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Formulation attempts to answer a key clinical question: ‘Why is this person presenting in this way, at this time?’ The formulation aims to identify the persons strengths factors that support wellbeing also the reason/s why a person has developed, the concerns they are presenting with. It is the step between assessment and treatment planning/goal setting, and is sometimes referred to as Formulation.

This workshop will will give you an understanding of Formulation – what it is and why it is important, provide Formulation models, and examples of how to use it in your mahi.

As mental health clinicians we gather knowledge and experience of how the difficulties our clients experience come to be, what brings them on, what keeps them going, what helps them to recover. Formulation is being able to integrate that knowledge with the information that we get from them through assessment into something that makes sense to our clients, then goes on to inform the areas we don’t know enough about yet, and most importantly how that model might be able to change that going forward. This process provides us with greater clarity on the direction we take in our work, provides justification for the tools/activities we ask our clients to use, and gives them a road map of how to keep changing beyond your time together. In this workshop I hope to introduce you to a few basic concepts and models that may help you to start utilising formulation more effectively.

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Marthinus Bekker

Marthinus is a Clinical Psychologist who has worked across a range of settings from adult forensics to child & adolescent services.

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