Intro to Trauma-informed Sensory Modulation

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Fri, 14 April 2023 - 8:45 am
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  • Are you looking for tools to help clients identify triggers and develop coping skills to manage overwhelming sensory experiences?

  • Do you want to understand your own sensory responses so you can improve self-care and prevent burnout. 

Elen Nathan, is a certified sensory integration practitioner and occupational therapist, and during the webinar she will help you learn how to incorporate sensory modulation techniques into trauma-informed care practices. 

Sensory modulation is an evidence-based approach that can help individuals who have experienced trauma to manage their physiological responses and regulate their emotions. 

This training is an introduction  for those of you who are mental health professionals, educators, caregivers, or professionals who work with tamariki and taiohi who have experienced trauma.

Learning outcomes 

•    Understand the concept of sensory modulation and how it relates to trauma-informed care practices 
•    Recognise the sensory processing challenges faced by tamariki and taiohi, who have experienced trauma 
•    Learn practical strategies for incorporating sensory modulation into trauma-informed care practices 

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Elen Nathan

Elen Nathan is a paediatric occupational therapist and sensory integratio

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