Supporting parents and infants in NICU

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Fri, 5 April 2024 - 10:00 am
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  • Do you want a better understanding of how to apply screening and brief intervention in a NICU setting?  

  • Do you need strategies that support kaimahi | staff working in perinatal mental health?  


In this webinar, presented by Gabrielle  Bisseker and Ella Hall, you will review two case studies of typical NICU admissions and parental experiences and learn how to:  

  • Support and assess parental needs 

  • Differentiate between expected psychological distress and more concerning mental health issues 

  • Review the parent-infant dyad and intervention strategies to foster secure bonds and parental attunement 

  • Look at brief intervention in terms of emotion regulation and coping strategies 

You will also learn more about the NICU environment and the types of stressors parents are likely to experience including; feeding and the impact this has on the infant, parent-infant relationship, the parents’ relationship, and other family members, particularly siblings. 


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Gabrielle Bisseker

Family and Child Psychologist

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Ella Hall

Clinical Psychologist

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