New Resource: Trauma-informed Healthcare

22 July 2020

We are excited to launch ‘Trauma informed healthcare’ a resource for health practitioners supporting children and whānau.
This has been a collaborative project across three workforce centres: LeVa, Te Pou and Werry Workforce Whāraurau.


Trauma impacts the health and wellbeing of many people in Aotearoa New Zealand. Community trauma, such as a pandemic or earthquake can exacerbate people's own experiences of trauma and adversity. How we respond can help enable whānau to regulate and restore their wellbeing.

Trauma-informed healthcare

It provides guidance on how health services can become trauma-informed when supporting children and whānau. 

A trauma-informed approach shifts our focus from what is wrong with a person, to understanding what has happened to a person and how this impacts them.

The benefits of creating trauma-informed environments include safer spaces for staff, improved clinical decision-making and building collaborative care networks to help address the needs of the whole person and whānau.

The resource is available online for you to download as a handy A5 booklet, with a pull-out A4 page for quick reference on the Six Guiding Principles of a Trauma-informed Approach for practitioners and services.

“It is fantastic and will be a really useful resource for primary care” – Primary Care Nurse

 “A very comprehensive resource and very useful” – General Practitioner