Rainbow 101 Our Community

This page aims to introduce you to the Rainbow community. This is where you’ll find definitions, and get to hear from Rainbow young people about what being part of the Rainbow community means to them. It’s also a good place to find resources on how we, and the people that use our services can be good allies to Rainbow friends and family. 

This is a great place to start if you’d like to hear Rainbow folk talk and learn some of the acronyms. This section doesn’t look at mental health at all, because people are not their diagnoses. 

This section will be the foundation to your understanding of all Rainbow-connected things. Being Rainbow is an identity, just like ethnicity, and we know that having a strong, secure connection to our identities can be incredibly empowering.

Despite this, throughout history, many societies have been systematically designed to favour heterosexuality, even if they are pro-Rainbow now. This phenomenon is called ‘heteronormativity’, and plays a large role in the discrimination felt by Rainbow communities as they are frequently disregarded.  While you read these resources, keep in mind that Rainbow people still experience oppression in different ways, and by understanding what they go through daily you'll be better equipped to connect and work with them. 

Rainbow 101 Our Community