Lunchtime learning: Neurodiversity: Autism, OCD, anxiety and eating difficulties

Susan Haldane

Join us for part two of our Mind Over Manner’s lunchtime learn series. Susan Haldane, founder of Mind Over Manner, will be presenting on: 

  • Autism, OCD, anxiety and eating difficulties 
  • Recognising anxiety  
  • Understanding parasympathetic and sympathetic neural connections 
  • Supporting neurodivergent people through changes and transitions 
  • Neurodivergence and group participation 
  • Engaging with meltdown and recovery after meltdown 
  • Reframing neurodiversity  

Due to the contractual agreement of Mind Over Manner's actors, the videos and scenarios that were shown during the webinar have been edited out. Visit the Mind Over Manner website to gain access to these videos, resources and more in depth information

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