National Training Day - Neurodiversity Webinar - Anita Gibbs

Anita Gibbs - Professor of Criminology and Social Work - University of Otago

Anita Gibbs is currently a professor of criminology and social work at the University of Otago, in Dunedin, New Zealand. Originally from Exeter (UK), she joined Otago in 1999, where she has been teaching and researching criminal justice, health and welfare topics ever since.

She became passionate about FASD when parenting her two neuro-divergent adopted children. Her lived experience as a caregiver of children with FASD, ADHD and autism has led to extensive engagement, research and advocacy with a full range of health, welfare, justice, education and disability systems for many years.

Her current research interests are focused on supporting caregivers of children, youth and young adults with FASD, and understanding professionals’ perspectives on FASD; her practice focuses on training for caregivers and professionals, alongside developing materials to work with neuro-divergent people.

She also has recently launched a University course on neuro-disabilities and intersections across health, welfare and justice systems.