Lunchtime Learning: Mind over manner

Susan Haldane

See through the eyes of our neurodiverse rangatahi/people, understand sensory and cognitive differences, and learn new tools to build trust, social curiosity and true connection with those in Takiwātanga (in their own time and space). 

Mind over manner’s facilitator, Susan Haldane, will take attendees through part one of a two part series that will assist you on understanding of how neurodiverse people think, learn and behave differently. 

Workshop outcomes 

  • Identify sensory and cognitive differences and create tailored plans to manage the sensory needs of the neurodivergent person  
  • Work with understanding of the parasympathetic nervous system to create calm and reduce anxiety 
  • Communicate more effectively with neurodiverse person in a reciprocal way  
  • Create appropriate non-verbal communication, flashcards and transition maps for their own learning environment  
  • Better understand the root causes of rude, shut down or confused behaviour, and address the cause (sensory overwhelm) not the symptoms ('problem behaviour')  
  • Deescalate or manage meltdowns in a way that enhances the mana of all present 

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